Apple One Price plans now starting at 195 rupees per month

Hello everyone, Welcome back to let’s see tech. Do you know guys, Apple one Price plans now starting at 195 rupees per month?

Apple tech giant has deployed a host of services that include under the Apple One umbrella to its users through a variety of monthly subscription plans. Apple One has six of Apple’s top six apps for an easy subscription – Apple Music, Apple TV, + Apple Arcade, Apple News +, the new Apple Fitness + powered by Apple Watch (coming towards the end of 2020), and iCloud.

How to subscribe Apple One

First, update your iPhone or iPad to the latest version of os then choose the plan which is right for you. to update your phone simply go to the Go to Settings > General > Software Update.

Once you have updated your phone then go to the settings and tap your name and choose the plan.

Apple One Price plans

Apple One Price in India

The Apple One Price package was first announced at an event last month before Apple confirmed the release date on Thursday. Currently, users can sign up for bulk via the App Store on iOS.

With the launch, the company has launched two Indian user plans, namely, Each Price at 195 per month and a Family Package at ₹ 365 per month which can be shared with five other people. Each package includes 50GB of iCloud storage while the family package includes 200GB.

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For a few, there are three different levels available, ranging in price from $ 14.95 Individual role to Prime plans for $ 29.95. With an individual plan, one gets Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, Apple Arcade, and 50GB of iCloud storage. The $ 19.95 family step-up plan, meanwhile, expands iCloud storage to 200GB and adds family subscriptions to Apple Music. Finally, the $ 29.95 Prime Plan expands iCloud storage to 2TB and adds subscriptions to Apple News Plus and the upcoming Apple Fitness Plus service.

Although Fitness Plus will not be available next to the Apple One launch, the service will eventually be available through the Prime Minister’s program after its launch later this quarter. Alternatively, it will be available as a $ 9.99-month independent subscription.

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