Battle Grounds Mobile India: Pre-Registrations

KRAFTON Announced pre-registration for Battle Ground Mobile India on 18th May 2021. Hey Everyone, welcome back again with awesome news. I hope you guys are well out there and taking all the necessary precautions. KRAFTON, the premier south Korean video game developer, announced pre-registration for Battle Ground Mobile India. Developed by KRAFTON, pre-registration is now live on the google play store for India.

players pre-registration for Battle Ground Mobile  India will get 4 amazing rewards, this are the Recon Mask, the Recon outfit, Celebration Expert Title, and 300 AG. so get ready to enjoy the game with your friends.

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Steps to pre-register: Battle Ground Mobile India

To pre-register for Battle Ground Mobile India simply visit to Google Play store or else click on the link below then click on the pre-register button.


The recommended system requirements to experience the game are Android 5.1.1 or Above and at least 4BG RAM in the mobile device.

Players can battle it out in diverse game modes which can be squad-base or one-on-one. Battle Ground Mobile India brings fantastic world by 3D sound, to build a truly immersive experience on a mobile phone. pick your map and the ode that suits and get set for a thrilling ride.

For more information on the game, update news you can visit to the official website.

Players stay tuned, stay safe.

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