Does Nvidia end production of RTX 20 series?

Hello, everyone Welcome back to lets see tech. Did someone invest $250 million in Epic Games? Does Nvidia end production of RTX 20 series? Galaxy Z Flip 5G video leaked fully?  Guys, I know you are excited And getting ready for the next generation Ampere graphics cards from Nvidia And it looks like Nvidia is preparing For the big launch too. According to ITHome’s report, Nvidia has reportedly ended the production of the higher-end cards of the RTX 20 Series lineup.

Does Nvidia end production of RTX 20 series?

This includes the RTX 2070, 2070 Super, 2080 Super, and 2080 Ti. Don’t worry about the other models because Nvidia is still producing them Due to high demand. So Nvidia is gonna keep producing them Until the 30-series cards come out. Also, Nvidia should be speeding up their production for their 30-series graphics cards. Because they’re rumoured to come out in September and September will be an exciting month Because AMD is also rumoured to release their RDNA2. Their RDNA2 Big Navi graphics cards.

Nvidia end production of RTX 20


So are you guys ready for this spicy fight? Are your wallets ready? Well, you have two more months to convince your wife To let you buy the 3080 Ti. I know I talk about rumours Leaks and even unofficial reports right? Well, I guess that’s probably not enough for you guys too. Well, don’t worry because this time around we actually has something very interesting to share with you guys. A respected leaker Evan Blass actually went out of his way to share Ok not to share to leak a promo video of the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5G Geng Chao right?

Galaxy Z Flip 5G video leaked fully?

The only difference between the original Z Flip And the Z Flip 5G is that the Z Flip 5G Will have a Snapdragon 865 Plus Instead of the 855 Plus. This also explains why it can support 5G. The Galaxy Z Flip 5G should be launched On August 5th alongside the note 20 series. So mark your calendars in order to not miss it. Are you a paranoid laptop user who covers up your webcam with stickers or plastic webcam covers? In order to prevent hackers from spying on you Well I do that too. Because prevention is better than cure man.

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But if you’re a Macbook user like me It is not advisable to cover your webcam With a plastic cover and here’s why According to Apple Using a hard plastic stick-on cover Can damage your screen as the space between the screen and keyboard is 0.1mm or less. So what can we do to keep our webcam shut When we’re not using it?. Well, Apple assures use that Whenever the camera is active. The green LED beside the camera will be on. This is because the camera is designed to work only when the camera Indicator light turns on. It is more advisable to use a tape to cover your webcam. But make sure to use a screen protector. Because you don’t want to leave glue on your screen. But you can always revoke Camera permissions for apps through system settings.

Did someone invest $250 million in Epic Games?

Sony and Epic Games have been working very closely for many years And Epic Games even helped Sony With their upcoming PS5 Storage architecture and recently It looks like both of them Are taking their relationship to the next level. As Sony invested a $250 million investment in Epic. This buys Sony 1.4% In the game development studio and publisher. Wow if you calculate correctly That gives Epic a valuation of $17.8 billion. As each company has their own unique strengths. This investment will definitely help both platforms to create unique experiences for Entertainment creators. And consumers Don’t worry about Epic titles Being exclusive to Sony consoles only.

Nvidia end production of RTX 20

Everyone wants to make more money And keep good ties with every player in the industry So their studio will still be able To publish games on other platforms Well it is also rumoured that both companies are working on a Fortnite concept virtual game. AMD Ryzen Zen 2 CPU Making it 4 times more powerful than previous generations Also GDDR6 memory is installed To make sure that the memory itself can keep up with the GPU, CPU And its bandwidth requirements.

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As for the SSD Xbox Series X utilizes ultra-fast NVMe Solid-state drives Which cuts down the loading time because well Gen Z is a bunch of impatient gamers There are numerous big titles Ready for Xbox Series X But the console is only launching Towards the end of 2020 alongside PS5 So if you get to choose Will you choose PS5 or the Xbox Series X?

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