Have you heard about Apple New Processor ? MacOS Big Sur ?

Hello, everyone Welcome back to lets see tech.  Have you heard Apple New Processor ? MacOS Big Sur What is that? And 16GB of RAM in gaming phone ? Guys, don’t go anywhere.

Acer’s got your back with the latest Nitro 5 now with RGB at only RM3799 or RM4899 with a lot of free gifts. But if you want something more then there is the Predator Triton 500 for RM7999 or RM8999 with even more free gifts Oh Yeah, they’re powered by the Intel 10th Gen Core i7 processors. You can even get an RM300 cashback if you trade in your grandmother’s laptop So wait for what?

MacOS Big Sur What is that?

macOS Big Sur

Last week, Apple live-streamed their Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on YouTube and got everyone talking when they announced that they are shifting from Intel CPUs to their very own ARM-based silicon on Macs with the first Apple-powered Mac launching. Later this year Apple is expecting to complete the transition in two years. Apple’s decision to transition away from Intel enables them to engineer everything according to their needs. This could mean better performance and power efficiency, which can improve their laptops by quite a bit Interesting. In terms of software, this newly-announced MacOS Big Sur will work with these new CPUs natively. Also, they are already working with Microsoft and Adobe to make sure that Office and Adobe Suite will be up and running. Seems like Apple really wants to get this done quickly. Because of the same ARM architecture, IOS and IpadOS apps should be able to run natively on MacOS Big Sur in the future.

Asus is back again with a new ROG Phone 3

As such, developers can develop and also optimize apps for all three platforms easily But with Apple transitioning to their own ARM-based silicon. What does this mean for Intel? Only time will tell Asus is back again with a new ROG Phone 3 and it is launching pretty soon and thanks to a Weibo user, we can get a sneak peek. It looks like Asus will stick to the aesthetics that makes it obvious from a glance that this is a gaming phone. There are angular cuts around the camera and a logo on the rear of the phone that lights up which looks a little more subtle than the previous edition. This phone is powered by a custom Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ and also sports a 6.59 inch and also sports a 6.59-inch full HD+ display.

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It comes with 16GB of RAM and a storage of up to 512GB! Check out more! To be honest, there isn’t much upgrade in terms of design so no matter how good it is I will not get it But well, if it has a LiDar scanner like the iPhone 12 then I might consider. Those who are in the market for a gaming phone, are you interested in getting the ROG Phone 3 for yourself?

About Spotify

Tech Blogger Jane Manchun Wong has revealed a secret code hidden inside our Spotify app According to her, it looks like Spotify engineers are experimenting with a new Video tab located next to the Album Art and Canvas tabs on the playback screen. However, the only thing you will see there is a message thanking Spotify users, effectively stirring up more hype on this matter. Spotify is definitely the go-to platform for people like you and me who likes to listen to music on the go. But it seems like Spotify is exploring the possibility of adding music videos to their platform Which is understandable provided that YouTube Music was such a hype last year.

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There is no official announcement on this matter yet so don’t be too surprised if they actually end up cancelling the plan. Let me know if you’d be interested in watching music videos on Spotify. For me, I only use it when I drive to work Or when I’m working So I don’t need any distractions. Do not jump into another game Valorant’s latest patch 1.02 introduces surrender mode for its players when all hope is lost or when your wifi is down. The latest patch also brings back ranked mode which is similar to what we play in CSGO matchmaking Valorant compared to CSGO is definitely much easier and also have better graphic gotta give them that CSGO, on the other hand, is definitely way hardcore. On a side note, the Source 2 engine is coming soon which means CSGO should be more INSANE!

A New project called Google Keen.

Google is back in the social networking game with a new project called Google Keen. And it is very similar to Pinterest, which utilizes AI for users to curate boards based on their interests. You can easily save bookmarks or links in a visually pleasing format Thanks to Google’s AI, you will also get better recommendations the more you organise the boards. Or you can let Google auto-generate content for you from its Search Engine library. What sets Keen apart from Pinterest is Google’s powerful AI and expertise on the user interface. Pinterest, on the other hand, tends to give a bloggy feel. So far Google hasn’t been able to break into the social space So, a Pinterest-style social network can allow Google to study users’ interests and gather data from here. Sadly Google Keen is only available on Android And it hasn’t and there’s no news on IOS.

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So Guys hope you like this article. If you have any queries please let me know in the comment section. Guys and if you like this type of article please let me know so that I can post this type of tech news in future. Thank You.

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