How Technology has affected Humans

Hello friends, I hope you all are doing well in this pandemic situation. It is quite often that we talk to our friends and some times there is something that strikes in our mind. And it is quite normal to think of that thing before going to bed. As far as this topic is concerned, I was talking to my friends and we were sharing our schedule as usual. Most of my friends were agree that they have started using mobiles or laptops even more in this lockdown period. They have become lazier and started making distances from their family due to the excessive use of mobile. That is where this idea, How Technology has affected Humans came from. So I will be presenting my views on it in the following sections. So, friends letsseetech about it..

The impact of Technology upon Humans

As we all know that it is always debatable to say that technology is good or bad for humans. If one side technology has facilitated us then, on the other hand, it also has some drawbacks.

  • In ancient times, we had to move miles to share information with the desired person. But nowadays the internet has made it so easy that any kind of information can be sent across the world in seconds that is also in a protected way. No other person in between can read that. It is only a few clicks away to fetch pieces of information. Everything we require is available on the internet. It has also reduced the consumption of papers by serving the information digitally. But this information can be used for the wrong cause also.

  • Machines have significantly reduced the hard work and we also don’t need that much of human resources. The work which could take many days can be completed in just a few hours with the help of machines. But it has lessened the human involvement and increased unemployment. That is also a drawback of technology. Because now we only needed a few people to control those machines. For example, a computer can do all the required calculations and save the records as well in a very secure way that takes only one person to do. It is also very easy to retrieve those records as compared to the previous time when files were maintained manually and It has also reduced human errors efficiently.

how technology has affected human beings

Its advantage in the field of Education

  • It has improved the education system. A teacher or instructor can introduce a large number of students at a time. As we all know that we are going through the pandemic situation. And to overcome it lockdown could be the best solution. But it has affected the Economy and Education System.  Thanks to technology, that led us to continue our education even from our home. Due to this lockdown, almost every organization is thinking to switch to online studies. Although it can’t provide the environment that you might get in the school or colleges. Due to the poor internet connections in rural areas, they can not get the full benefits of online studies. But the organizations are trying to modify their study package in a very compact manner so that every student can take advantage of it.

  • The government is also trying to provide good internet connections in rural areas. Some of the students who don’t have any laptops, desktop or android mobile phone to connect to the internet, they will be provided with the books at their own houses. The government is also trying to manage exam centers in a nearby location to the students so that they need not travel long and could make themselves safe from the epidemic. To understand more how technology has affected humans lets us move to its disadvantages.

Its disadvantages 

  • If any new thing is invented it comes with some drawbacks also. Humans are a social element but technology has made distances between us. For example, in this lockdown period, we have become so addicted to the games or social media that we have forgotten anything else. We spend hours on social media but do not give time to our family or friends. Nowadays PUBG (an online multiplayer game) has become more popular. Most of the people especially boys of a young age can be seen indulging in games. That is the main drawback of technology.

  • Technology is developing day by day. According to the current scenario we are equipped with the best technology ever. For example, nowadays we have planes to cover a long distance in a few mins, Robots can perform the task on behalf of humans. But it has affected employment as I already mentioned.

  • It has made human smart but on the other hand, it made us lazy also. We have become more dependent on technology rather than using our brain itself. For example, most of the people can’t recall their relatives’ or friends’ contact numbers. We have filled our minds with user Ids and passwords.


There are still a lot of things to discuss. As it is said that the Invention is the mother of necessity and it also comes with some drawbacks. We can not stop using technology just because of its drawbacks. But at the same time, we can be careful while using it. It shouldn’t leave any negative impact on society. Using technology only for specific reasons and for a specific time can make bigger changes. It is always recommended to avoid the use of cell phones one hour before going to bed and one hour after waking up. Because if you see your cell phones as you wake up, there may be some unpleasant news that can ruin your day and will reside in your mind for the whole day that can affect your productivity.

It is also proven that using cell phones excessively reduces the capability to think and reason. That is how technology has affected humans. So, at last, I just want to say that spend more of your time with family and friends.

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