IIT Bombay first announced to go for online semester

Hello friends, this post is especially for engineering students. You guys must be worried about your next semester as this month is going to an end. And still, there is no official notification about the classes and the exams. So here is the good news for you guys. IIT Bombay first announced to go for online semester. Please find more details below.

Director IIT Bombay official notice:

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, it is very difficult to continue the classes as usual. And IIT Bombay director has addressed his students this semester be online based. Students will get all the assignments and work through online portals. Teachers will provide compressed study material. So that every student can easily access it. He said that students are their first priority. He added that “We look forward to your overwhelming support to help these bright young minds to continue their learning without any further hindrances or delays.”  But students have urged him to think about the students who belong to the rural areas and can not afford a good internet connection. Also, the students are asked to come to college and to take all their needful documents or belongings from their hostels.

IITB director also disclosed the estimated cost for the students so that any students might not miss their studies due to the lack of money. Alumni of IITB has made a good amount of support. But still, it needs to be raised to 5  crores to help the needy students. So he has asked through his post to contribute whatever big amount is possible. He further informed their students that the exams for the previous session will be resumed in the first week of August.

here is the link to the website to contribute.

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Students’ concern:

Hostel wardens have asked final year students to vacate their rooms till the end of this July. And students are worried about traveling to Mumbai. Because it has been identified as the epicenter of the coronavirus attack. And also every student can not afford a private vehicle to reach the college for getting their belongings. This is an issue in most of the colleges that need to be focused.

Also, they should provide the study material in a very compact manner. So that every student can take complete benefits from it. Some of the students also requested to make a concession in fee. There may be some students who don’t have a good internet connection or don’t have any laptops to continue their studies.

As we know that the IT industry does not have any distance barrier. There are many chances that all other institutes will also go for the online semester. But I think all the institutes should consider these common issues and find a way to resolve them.



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