Indian Operators are in full swing to bring 5G

5G is the fifth generation technology standard for the cellular networks which cellular phone companies started deploying in 2019 worldwide. And Indian Operators are in full swing to bring 5G. Hey Everyone, I hope you all are doing well out there. Thank you so much for your support of our site. We are always trying to give our best to you.

So, letsseetech about 5G (Fifth generation)

As now we all are using 4G we all know the speed. I just want you to imagine one thing that when 4G was launched in the early days. Just go back to those days. Now imagine the speed. That speed was too fast when 4G was first launched right. Now in India 5G is also under development the process is going on. Soon it will be launched. Excited for a new network that they will have great bandwidth, high download speeds, up to 10gigabites per sec(Gbits/s). Moreover, apart from all this something extra is also there that, it is expected that the new network will not serve only cellular network, but also used as general INTERNET service providers for laptops and desktop, and also make possible in new applications in IoT( internet of things) and Machine to Machine areas.

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Expected Launch: 5G Networks  in INDIA

5G network expected by late 2020 or early 2021, unlikely this could be happen before mid-2021.

Currently, 4G cellphones will not be usable for this new network. This will require new 5G to enable wireless devices.5G data speed of up to 10Gbps much faster than 100Mbps of 4G. Secondly, 5G network time takes to data to travel from the phone to the distant server, which will be less than 4G. It’s much faster than 4G

Indian Operators are in full swing to bring 5G

Indian’s network operator has applied to the government for permission to conducts trails and to selected equipment vendors with which to collaborate.

RELIANCE JIO: It launched its 4G network service in 2016, also to make it one of the first to offer 5G service. It will conduct 5G trials with Samsung included Nokia Huawei, Ericsson. Samsung, the supplier of 4G service, said it will extend its partnership for 5G trails. Jio also has support from Qualcomm and Intel for its 5G plan.

In July 2020 GOOGLE said it would invest Rs 33,737 crores(USD 4.5 billion) in Jio to support the operator’s upgrade.

AIRTEL:  It will work with Huawei, ZTE, ERICSSON, and Nokia for its trails. Technical equipment supplied by Huawei also Cisco and Ericsson to speed up its core network for 5G service.

VODAFONE IDEA:  It will conduct the trials with Huawei, ZTE, Ericsson, and Nokia.

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Still need to perform a lot of testing before launching commercial service.

That’s all guys. I hope this will create excitement for everyone. We all are waiting for 5G for high-speed service. Thank you. If you have anything to ask please feel free to drop your questions below the comment section.

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