PUBG Mobile Coming Back To India: Developers Have Announced

Hey Everyone, welcome to lets see tech. I will share something you will be amazed. As we all know that PUBG mobile was banned in India in September along with 117 Chinese apps. So great news for all the PUBG lover that PUBG mobile developers have announced that they will launch a new game called PUBG Mobile Coming Back To India for the Indian player.. that’s really good news. We all are excited for this..

PUBG Corporation has announced its is preparing a new game called PUBG mobile Indian specifically created for the Indian market.. In order to make a safe and secure for every player, there will some rules and verification on the storage system that store the personal information of Indian users in order to make sure the data is kept safe.

The developers have also shared that there will be an improvement in the game content. These changes include training ground setting, clothes on new characters. It also adds a feature to restrict game time for younger players.

PUBG mobile was banned in India on September 2, under section 69A of the information technology act. The only reason behind the ban is for the defence and security of the country. PUBG is completely removed from Google Play Store and apple play store. And even if you manage to get hold of the latest Apk, the game does not play, due to the servers turned off for the country.

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PUBG Mobile India
PUBG Mobile India

PUBG corporation that it will be revoking distribution right for the game in India from Tencent and it will help guide the game back into the Indian market.


Release date: 

The company will announce the release date of PUBG mobile India to be made available very very soon.

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