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Hello Everyone, welcome back to Lets See Tech. Guys, If you use Twitter, you may have seen that some people will have blue ticks on their account and some will not have blue ticks on their account. Let us tell you that this is a sign of account is verified i.e. the real account. If you look carefully, you will see blue tick marks on the right side of the account name of many users. This blue tick mark means that the account is a real account. If you want to verify your Twitter account, then you have to follow some steps. So today I am going to share The Seven Steps Needed To Get a Verified Account On Twitter.


The Seven Steps Needed To Get a Verified Account On Twitter

Verified Account On Twitter

Step 1: To verify your account, you must first request a Twitter on this link. After that, you will have to fill some information.

Step 2: In the first of this information, you must tell the username there. Please note that the given name should be genuine.

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Step 3: After this, you will have to fill birthdate, bio, image and website. After filling, click next button.

Step 4: After this, check the privacy settings that the tweet should be clicked on “Public”.

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Step 5: Then you have to write a small introduction of yours up to 500 words. After completing all the steps press the submit button.

Step 6: Here you will be asked for a scanned copy of the government issued identity document in which you can use a driver’s license, identity card or passport.

Step 7: After this, go to and fill the verification form carefully. After a few days, you will get Verification message on Twitter.



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