Upcoming WhatsApp tool for Storage Usage

As we all know Facebook-owned WhatsApp always surprises us with some new and useful features. This time also WhatsApp is trying to add some really awesome WhatsApp tool that will make your messages search very fast. Yes, you read it correctly, after this update, you will not have to scroll the screen to reach the desired messages. 

Ok, letsseetech about it. I was talking about storage usage tool. WhatsApp team is testing new features to introduce in WhatsApp that will improve the storage usage. According to the latest news, there will be a search option that will allow a WhatsApp user to search a chat of a particular date. Like you will be able to access your backdated messages directly. Moreover, it is going to provide some default filters to find specific messages. For example, the forwarded messages option will allow you to view only forwarded messages directly. They will introduce some more useful features. As, the large files option will let you know about the available large file with size in your contact. 

WhatsApp tool for Storage Usage

They are also thinking of adding a sort feature for images in contacts and groups. For example, if you navigate to the some contact’s media section there will be a sort button. It will help you to sort all the photos with the help of some default actions like sort by newest, oldest and sort by size

Although WhatsApp has not announced any date regarding these updates as soon as the testing is completed, all the android and iOS users will be able to use these features. thanks for your kind attention. 

What do you feel about this news? Please leave your valuable comments. 


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