What actions Government has taken against twitter hack

Hi there, I hope you all are doing well. Guys, you must be aware of the news of the hijacking the Twitter accounts of the high profile users performed by the hacker earlier this week. They just hacked into the Twitter accounts of the renowned personalities of the world and posted on their timeline. In the post, they asked to send money and assured the sender to return the double amount. While some of the users have become the victim of the post. And the hackers made good money from it. But, the government has taken some strict actions against twitter. I have written a prior post on this. You can find here my last post. This post is about What actions Government has taken against twitter hack

Who was involved in the hacking

According to The Newyork times It was not the task of any country or any sophisticated group of hackers. Rather it was performed by a group of young peoples. Who shared some of the screenshots of the chats they had before or after the hack. The one named “kirk” on the chat screenshot claimed to be the internal person of twitter security in the chat with “lol” (screen name). Moreover, he stated that he has all the access to Twitter. And asked him to make it secret. When “lol” didn’t believe he shared some evidence to prove that. But the real thing is that he had control over the accounts of some very sensitive person in the world. That includes the accounts of Bill Gates, Barack Obama, and Elon Musk.

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What actions Government has taken against twitter hack

The hacking incident has raised many questions on twitter’s security. Twitter is supposed to be the most secure and widely used platform by the political, corporate, and cultural elites. So, the Government needs to take some strict actions against Twitter. Why they are so irresponsive about security. There is no detailed information about the hack. So, the Indian Government has issued a notice to Twitter to provide the exact details about how many accounts are affected. It is also possible that the hackers might have disclosed their private conversation. Also, the Government has asked twitter to provides the details about what steps they are going to take.



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