What If The Annabelle Doll Escaped Ed And Lorraine Warren’s Museum? 2020

Hello everyone, welcome back to Lets See Tech. I guess everyone heard about Annabelle Doll or watched the Annabelle/ conjuring movies. Do you know, Annabelle Doll is now in Google trends. Everyone now talking about this, many people even searched on google that is The Annabelle Doll Escaped Ed and Lorraine Warren’s Museum ? No, The ‘Annabelle’ Doll Did Not Escape From The Warren Occult Museum, But She’s Been Up To No Good Lately. So today I am going to tell you What If The Annabelle Doll Escaped Ed and Lorraine Warren’s Museum 2020.

What If The Annabelle Doll Escaped Ed And Lorraine Warren’s Museum? 2020

Wow, that’s a mouthful. Roll the clip. Now – if you’ve never heard of the New England Society for Psychic Research – then you’ll be forgiven because of paranormal investigation isn’t for everyone – particularly the feint of heart. But in 1952 – husband and wife duo Ed and Lorraine Warren founded the oldest ghost hunting group in New England – which went on to spawn one of the widest collections of the alleged otherworldly – a host of demonic artefacts and items that are cursed and shrouded in paranormal mystery. Based in Monroe, Connecticut – The Warren’sOccult Museum allegedly hosts the largest array of obscure and haunted artefacts – items which were used in extremely dangerous occult activities and diabolical practices around the world. One of those items, perhaps the most iconic- is the ancient and evil Annabelle Doll. And – well, what would happen if that Annabelle Doll suddenly, and with nefarious purpose – sprung out of its glass cage and walked right on out of it’s a museum-based mausoleum.

According to legend, this particular demonic possession was a Raggedy Ann doll that was given to a student nurse in 1968. After the doll had appeared to be behaving- strangely, shall we say – a psychic medium eventually told the girl that the doll was unfortunately inhabited by the spirit of a dead girl named Annabelle. Supposedly – as the story goes – the student nurse and her roommate first tried to get along with Annabelle by accepting and nurturing the possessed doll – yeah, that’s never a good idea, right? Eventually though, as always happens – the girls became completely terrified by Annabelle after the dolls malicious behaviour – who then contacted the Warrens for help – and removed the doll to their museum after proclaiming demonically possessed. And that’s where we’re at right now.

What If The Annabelle Doll Escaped

Don’t get me wrong – there’s a hell of a lot of scepticism surrounding this demonic urban legend – with most sceptics dismissing the Warrens museum as off the shelf Halloween junk that you could buy at any gimmick store. Many studies have also shown that the Annabelle legend is an interesting case study into the relationship between pop culture and paranormal folklore – speculating that the cookie-cutter demonic doll first gave rise to films such as Child’s Play, Puppet Master and Bride of Chucky – a frenzied response to the Gothicfear of the uncanny, something not quite human. In all likelihood, the early Robert the Dolllegend is mostly responsible for this – as well as the Living Doll episode of the TwilightZone.

It’s a fear that hits a chord, all the way from childhood into our adult lives. Dolls are freaking spooky, man. Well – let’s turn up that fear a tad more- and say that on one, quiet September night – Father Jim, the priest that currently curates the occult museum, finds something a little out of place. As he goes about his nightly business of shuffling around the place in his soft, cloth sandals – Father Jim jingles his keys into the lock, when he notices that – strangely – the door to the museum is already ajar. He slowly creaks the door open – when he sees it in the soft, red glow of the museum. The glass case that Annabelle inhabits, with a placard that reads WARNING: POSITIVELY DO NOT OPEN alongside a Tarot card of the Devil- is smashed, and the broken glass lays shattered on the floor. The Raggedy-Ann doll is nowhere to be seen. Has she been stolen?

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There’s no way – who would want to steal demonically possessed doll? But that’s when Father Jim sees it, in the reflection of the broken glass – the small figure of a red-headed doll standing in the doorway behind him. The door slams and the lights go out. I mean – in all seriousness though – if the Annabelle doll escaped the Warren’s Occult Museum – then we’d all have to collectively start sweating a little bit. If the Annabelle doll is real, and indeed demonic spirit hellbent on violent misdeeds – then, it’s safe to say that the majority of Warren’s case studies would also be real. While Ed Warren would never live to learn of the vindication of his life’s work, Lorraine would be sitting there with a pretty smug look on her face, a quiet – I told you so, you jackoffs. If the Annabelle Doll is real, then the EnfieldPoltergeist is real, the Amityville Horror – Valak the Nun is real – Heaven and Hell are real, the entire foundation and pantheon of the Christian church are real. Hellfire, Judgement day, possession, exorcism.

Paranormal Investigation will be big business, and the New England Society for Psychic Research will be hot property when it comes to saving our mortal souls. But where is Annabelle in all of this – as she ushers in this new, dark age of demonic reign? Well – she’s right behind you – of course. Just kidding guys – she’d probably be making her way upstairs to Lorraine Warren to give her a stern talking to for locking in her box for fifty years.

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