Why Are Children So Obsessed With Shadow Fight 3 Game

Hey everyone, welcome back to lets see tech. I hope you guys are safe and doing well. Today once again we are here for some exclusive gameplay. Today we will talk about Why Are Children So Obsessed With Shadow Fight 3 Game. Most of you guys have already known about the game the storyline and the graphic of the game. If you are interested in a fighting game and to reveal the secret of darkness and became a powerful warrior. Then this is one those game you are looking for. Now let’s see tech about this game. Shadow fight 3 is an action- fighting game developed by NEKKI. Moreover here you can see 3 Dimensional character environment that is very delightful to see. The graphic environment looks so exclusive and you will love the environment.

Here you have to choose your own characters and you have to learn the moves, experiment and combine them and explore into the adventures world. Enjoy the real fight as the animation is smooth to explore your skills and Ninja techniques.

Why Are Children So Obsessed With Shadow Fight 3 Game:

Why Are Children So Obsessed With Shadow Fight 3 Game

Shadow fight game where the player can customize the character hair colour, gender, facial character beginning of the game. where the player has to develop the skill and also moves. Secondly comes about weapons players have to pick the weapons armour an many more and combine them into a direction to have an extraordinary fight. Hundreds of combination is there where player have to choose. Similarly player can purchase through four processes:  shop in-game, as rewards from quests or else by opening chest or booster packs and coins gems and shadow energy can also be used to upgrade the equipment.

The first three chapters of the game focus on introducing three characters these are legion, dynasty and heralds and their secrets and after which they must choose between the three.

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 STORYLINE OF Shadow fight 3:

The storyline of shadow fight is based on basic categories into three sections one is legion other is dynasty and heralds. Here powerful legion prepare to attack the dynasty’s land in order to order to put into and end and become more powerful. On the other hand dynasty, people believe that power in good ways help them and also to solve lots of problems in humanity. They are looking for some good ways. The third one heralds worries always in black clothes knows more about the nature and shadow energy from them which frighten both legion and dynasty. Apart from this, a new hero has arrived who will save them from all this and become a believer a true warrior. A real hero who will save the world. It completely depends on the player which path they will walk.

Furthermore, in this game, you will also have player vs player in which you can develop your moves and skill and make yourself a better warrior every single time. Which is very much exciting. As you have to practice more if you want to be a good warrior.

 New updates:  June 25, 2020

  • players can now customize their equipment sets to give their characters unique looks.
  • New booster pack added.
  • Stability of the game performance is increased.
  • Moreover, 3 more expressive skins set added.

 start your ultimate Ninja journey in the world of constant battle and exciting action.


Thank you guys, stay safe, stay tuned.

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