Why Is Antarctica 88: Scary Action Horror Game So Famous ?

Hey, everyone, I hope you all are doing well out there. Today we will talk about Why Is Antarctica 88: Scary Action Horror Game So Famous ?. Let me give a short description of the game. This game is all about adventure, horror, survival game, a story full of monsters, and weapons. So now let’s see tech about Best Scary Action Horror Game Antarctica 88.

This game where you will find yourself in Antarctica where terrible monsters will be hiding moreover you have to save yourself from them. Will you able to survive? You will be having a weapon with you moving forward and killing those monster. Similarly, you will be given by some puzzles where you have to figure out the puzzle and make a way out for you and explore, and collect and use object and try to get out Antarctica ice alive.

Why Is Antarctica 88: Scary Action Horror Game So Famous ?

Firstly in this game, you will find yourself in the ice of Antarctic: where your father is  Vladimir Efimov has been engaged in drilling ice and fire exploring prehistoric minerals found in it. But after six weeks, the communication stopped. As a part of the four-man rescue squad, you have to find what happened there. Nobody will hear your scream. Just you have to figure out the puzzle and use the objects to make a way out for yourself. This is an amazing adventure with horror experience in the game. Where you have to deal with the monsters too. I hope you will love the gameplay. Also, there are many ending in the Antarctic 88 where the outcome will depend on your action and decision. If you love the scary game. Go for it try this game and don’t scream.

Scary Action Horror Game
Scary Action Horror Game

New update on July 08, 2020

In this update, sounds to monsters added, minor errors are fixed, as well as improved in the environment of the gameplay. you will find new weapons and better optimization. Just have a trip to Antarctica intense gameplay, sudden screamers and terrible atmosphere. We recommend playing with headphones

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Features: Antarctica88

  • Adventure and Exciting storyline
  • Hardcore puzzles to make yourself out from different situations
  • Several types of monsters and weapons
  • Monsters sound effects- Terrible atmosphere, sudden screamers.

Are you ready to face terrible creatures that Antarctica is hiding? secondly will you able to survive there? So welcome to this Scary horror game. start your trip to Antarctica. Thank you, guys. Try this game and please share your experience below the comment section. Stay safe. Stay tuned for more.


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