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You will have to agree on terms of services or deactivate your account: WhatsApp

You may loose access if you wont agree to the new whatsapp terms and conditions

Hey guys, hope you are doing good.  This post is going to be a discussion about the latest released updates of the widely used messaging app WhatsApp. WhatsApp is all set to through Adds on your App. Are they going to use a separate tab for the add or it will be shown in the chats itself? What kind of ads will be displayed will we be able to skip to them. Get all your queries answered below.

You will have to agree on terms of services or deactivate your account: WhatsApp

According to the latest news, WhatsApp has clearly mentioned that if you want to use WhatsApp further you will have to agree on its terms of services. Otherwise, you can deactivate your account. They have provided a glimpse of the terms and conditions that you must be agreeing to use further.


WhatsApp has made one thing clear that they are going to send on your WhatsApp app. What you will be seeing are the notifications or the announcements related to the app. Like, it may contain the announcement regarding the changes they are going to make in the app. Or what are the new features that WhatsApp users can see in the near future? here I have attached the picture of the latest tweet update of the WAbetainfo.

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Latest Tweet of WABetaInfo

Further, they have clarified that this announcement won’t be sent in any separate tab or in chats. Rather it will appear as a particular in-app banner. And that can take you to the external link to know more about the updates. For making it clear, you may have a look at it.


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How the announcement may look like

WhatsApp’s announcement will appear only when there is any update. So, Unnecessarily it is not going to annoying you. The terms of services may contain how WhatsApp is processing your data. So, it will be more transparent to the users.

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